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Terms and Conditions

Aussie DIY Websites is a product supplied by Karanda Holdings Pty Ltd and Find Net Solutions. The full Terms and Conditions can be viewed at –

Aussie DIY Website Proposal Agreement

For these Terms and Conditions Karanda Holdings Pty Ltd and Find Net Solutions will be referred to as ‘the Service Provider’.

VIP Qualification and Proposal Return

The VIP Customer Discounts and the ongoing VIP Discounts for Hosting etc. is for “the Client” who qualify as a VIP Customer and have returned this Proposal signed within 7 Days.

Pay as You Go

The Aussie DIY Website Pay as You Go option is 6 or 9 weekly automatic credit card payments of $97 for Set Up. Then the ongoing amount of $49 per month for VIP Customers and $59 per month for Non-VIP Customers will be due. “The Client” will be invoiced for 12 months in advance. Then the $49 or $59 will be deducted from my Credit Card every month automatically.

Late Payment of Invoiced Amounts

If “the Client” stops or is late paying any of the payments, “the Client” will owe the remaining invoiced amount in one payment within 7 days. Or “the Clients” account and website will become dormant until such times as the invoice is paid. All hosting and other fees including administration fees will accumulate and also be due before the account is reactivated.

VIP Customer Discounts and Domain Names

“The Client” agrees and understand that if ‘the Service Provider’ purchases a domain name on “the Clients” behalf as part of the VIP Customer Bonus. That the amount paid by ‘the Service Provider’ is for a .com or a domain name at the normal registration price. If the domain needs to be purchased at an inflated price eg from an auction or another domain reseller. Then “the Client” will pay the difference and not ‘the Service Provider’.

To be a VIP Customer and get the VIP Customer Discounts, “the Client” will allow ‘the Service Provider’ to manage all domains and hosting for this website. “The Client” understand that they need to supply all existing domain logins. So, they can be transferred to ‘the Service Provider’ to manage on my behalf.


The support supplied by the ‘Service Provider’ does not include the editing or updating of content on my website. Free Support or maintenance does not include any website or email rectification. Resulting from ‘the Client’ adding extra software, code or doing anything that corrupts their website or email deliverability. The cost to rectify any such issues will be paid in full by ‘the Client’.

Website Maintenance and Security

‘The Client’ agrees to keep all website software including Plug-Ins up to date to reduce security and errors from outdated software.

‘The Client’ agrees that if my website gets hacked from a weak Passwords of not keeping software up to date. Then the cost to rectify will be paid in full by ‘the Client’.

The ‘Client’ can request the the ‘Service Provider’ carry out updates and maintenance on their behalf. These can be purchased in lots of 1, 3 or 6 hours which can be used over the following 12 months. These can be purchase from the ‘Service Providers’ Clients Help Page.

Complete Website Editing

The ‘Service Provider’ is always happy to step in and complete a ‘Clients’ website, so it’s ready to publish. ‘Clients can request this help at any time. The cost will vary on the amount of work required and the time need.

Credit Card Details Held

‘The Client’ agrees that ‘the Service Provider’ may need to hold a valid credit card. So, if required, it can be used to process payments for invoices as agreed.

Domain Manager

‘The Client’ agrees that ‘the Service Provider’ will be our sole domain and website managers for a minimum of 24 months. ‘The Client’ agrees that all future billing is done perpetually with a Tax Invoice sent out before the due date or as agreed.

Cancellation of Services

‘The Client’ agrees that if they wish to change or cancel any service with ‘the Service Provider’. ‘The Client’ will need to give 90 days’ notice in writing to change hosting or domain managers or pay the equivalent of 90 days service and hosting fees plus any and all invoiced amounts due, plus any applied discounts and administration fees. ‘The Client’ will also forfeit any deposits or subscriptions already paid.

Time to Set Up DIY Website

The estimated time to Set Up a DIY Website is two business days. ‘The Client’ will need to pay all invoices due as well as supply all domain name login details. The time estimated to Set Up a DIY Website is calculated from the time ‘the Service Provider’ has all required domain and other details.

One on One Training

The ‘Client’ gets 2 hours ‘One on One Training’ included with the Set-Up of their DIY Website. Extra training may be granted to VIP Customers or purchase in lots of 1, 3 or 6 hours which can be used over the following 12 months.

Other training videos and tutorials are available for all financial clients on the ‘Service Providers’ Clients Help Page.

Completion of Installation

Completion of installation and configuration of 24/7 Security Monitoring, Back-Ups, Google Analytics etc will start when the ‘Client’ has complete the final page structure and the majority of page content is loaded into the website.

See full Terms and Conditions posted on